Today’s top trending Tweet is #thingsIdowhenigetbored.

I had some fun reading these:

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored 1) Listen to music  2) Overthink everything  3) Check my phone even when there’s no new text message

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored Eat like a Snorlax.

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored: Go through our old text messages.

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored: Eat food.

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored lay down and throw a football in the air.

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored: I like to text message a random number and say, “I hid the body.”

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored do my homework that’s due next month.

Tell Carl when he wakes up that he was bit by a walker in his sleep and I need to shoot him in the head. LOL! #ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored

That awkward moment when I’m bored and sit in my closet and pretend I’m a potato. #ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored 1. Open fridge. Nothing to eat. 2. Open freezer. Nothing to eat. 3. Lower standards and repeat.

ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored Come up with random scenarios in my head that will never actually happen.


I especially like the last one…I do that myself.

What do you do when you’re bored?


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One response to “#ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored

  1. Good one!
    I make lists of things to do and lately have even tried to do them!

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