Monthly Goal Check-In

Photo Feb 09, 8 30 09 PMI had originally planned on weekly check-ins on my goals, but I’m finding that too confining. I spend all my time updating my list! LOL

So, I’m moving to monthly!

Last month, I got a lot done although none of it was writing related (unless you count the essay questions on my Audit tests). A friend of mine has asked me to help her transcribe interviews she conducted for her doctoral thesis. Maybe I’ll get some writing done on that.

I read a few books, have maintained an A in both of my accounting classes, picked up three new bookkeeping clients, and saw Barry Manilow on Broadway. (I was also attacked while in New York City and managed to knock the guy on his ass without even spilling my Starbucks—but that wasn’t really a completed goal. It’s good to know in terrifying moments I can manage to keep my cool, so even though self-defense wasn’t a goal, it is good to know I can manage it when necessary.)

January was a crazy month, though…my day job at bookkeeping is crazy in January. I have higher hopes for February in terms of feeling more on top of accomplishing my writing goals.

Hope all of you are making strides on your own goals!


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