Staring at the Blank Page – Or how to brainstorm 10 ideas in 10 minutes

Ever want to write something—novel, short story, article, or even a blog post—and can’t come up with even one decent idea?  Over the next 10 weeks, I’m going to talk about 10 ways to brainstorm ideas for anything you want to write.

This week, #10: Ask yourself “What if” questions.

Talk to yourself—after all, you’re an intelligent person…who better to talk to? Generate some “what if” questions—a lot of them—and quickly. One right after the other. Out loud.

What if someone is trying to kill a woman, and the bodyguard she hires is from another planet? (Deep Cover)

What if a woman won millions in the state lottery, but it turned out to be the worst thing that had ever happened to her? (Pay Dirt)

What if a woman ran into a long, lost love but she doesn’t recognize him…and now her life is in danger? (Rent A Husband, Inc.)

Having trouble coming up with some on your own? Here’s a list with loads of them.

Jot down the ideas as you go…don’t cut anything yet. Let them all stay until you’ve got 10. Then, get up, go get a drink and breathe deeply. Come back, get comfortable, and read over your list. The one you want will be evident–it’s going to jump out and grab you, have you asking more questions, imagining scenes and details…your blank page is filling up.

You’re rolling…



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2 responses to “Staring at the Blank Page – Or how to brainstorm 10 ideas in 10 minutes

  1. Nice post! Now I just need to … step up.

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