Filling Blank Pages Without Effort – This week, #8: The Secret for Writing Bestsellers

spidermanGreat blog title, huh? Every writer at some point in their life has probably googled this. (And probably been disappointed in the answer.) After all the reading and digging, here are the answers we get:

Write every day. Write a lot. Read a lot. Study the market. Blah, blah, blah.

No magic??!! Are you kidding me??

But wait! There are lectures and writing conferences and books and software programs and professional organizations! There are Charts and plot generators and Snowflakes!! Don’t they have the secret?!! Why can’t I find it??

Well, I’ve found the secret, and I’m going to start using it. And I’m going to tell you what it is.

Gather close…here it is.


I’m not kidding. The secret is time. With enough time, anyone can become a bestselling author. Anybody.

Of course, the time can’t just pass like it has been doing. It has got to be used for stuff the google search revealed…writing and reading and studying. Plotting and learning and snowflaking or whatever plot developer you decide to use. Submitting and editing and writing some more.

Good news is…we all get time. 24 hours of it, every day. So, it’s not like you have to buy some or steal some or beg for some. You get it free.

Today, this very day, use this well-kept secret. Use time (shh!) and write the bestseller inside you. During your “time” don’t do anything else…just produce the novel that is going to fulfill your dreams of being a bestseller. Live in that moment and fill time. You know now—you have the power.

And remember with great power comes great responsibility.

(This is the third installment in a series on filling the blank pages as an author.)



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2 responses to “Filling Blank Pages Without Effort – This week, #8: The Secret for Writing Bestsellers

  1. Ah, time–and making the most of it. Great post! By the way, this post also hits a cord with me. This past weekend I was to facilitate a mini-workshop for the Shenango Valley Pennwriters in Sharon PA on “Make Time to Write,” but the workshop had to be cancelled and rescheduled for next month because of the bad roads. One of the aspects of that workshop was to realize, as you pointed out, “. . . time can’t just pass like it has been doing. . . ” and a writer has to decide to make writing a high priority. Again, kudos for a great post.

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