Page Still Empty–or worse? Full but Crap?: Item #6 – Can Autocrit Help?

I have 11 manuscripts that are complete—in first draft. Know why? Because I hate editing . Also because I got stuck. I had some full pages (a lot of them!), but even full pages aren’t finished pages…so frankly at this point, they might as well be blank.

So, I got to thinking, how do I turn these stories into finished manuscripts I can submit? I needed a plan to edit them.

And I got to thinking about this program I used years ago called Autocrit. Ever hear of it? You paste in your writing and get feedback on it…kinda cool.

Here’s what I put in there:

The taller man was easily six-five. He was mid-20’s with brown hair to his shoulders and wore a navy suit. Unlike his companion, he had a friendly smile that looked natural on his face. The cohort who’d suggested she close the doors of her business was shorter but still over six feet. Probably ten years older he had the countenance of ex-Army or ex-Marine. The identical suit was a costume on him as if it concealed warrior camouflage.

Had she left the front door unlocked in her haste to dive into work? How they’d come up the squeaky staircase without making any noise was unnerving. Nicole removed the bag from her shoulder and smoothed her hands along the buttons of her blouse. “We’re not officially open, but how can I help you?”

The taller one removed a wallet from the inside of his jacket and flipped it open. “Good morning. My name is Agent Black and this is Agent Greene. We’re with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

“The FBI?” Fallon turned to Nicole, her eyebrows disappearing beneath her auburn bangs. She walked up to Agent Black and looked at the badge. “Wow. Nicole you and I have moved uptown. And you? Where’s your badge?”

Agent Greene removed a matching wallet from inside his jacket and held it out for Fallon to see. He had a smudge of dirt on his knuckles and a scowl on his face. “Just a few questions about reports you’ve received on the disturbance last night.” His unblinking stare tugged a chord somewhere low in her belly, and his voice vibrated that chord.

Nicole took a deep breath and steadied herself. “Calls we’ve received? Has the U.S. government tapped my phones?”

The two men looked at each other and tucked their badges back into their jackets. “No, ma’am,” Agent Black said. “This business is the location to report possible sightings of unidentified flying objects, is it not? The FBI assumed yours was the venue for sending reports. Were we mistaken?”


And here’s the feedback I got.



So I started cleaning it up. (To be completely honest here, I had already run it through once and fixed it! It was much worse the first time! LOL)

So, give it a shot…you can sign up for free and try it to see if it will help you get those words on the page–the right words.


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One response to “Page Still Empty–or worse? Full but Crap?: Item #6 – Can Autocrit Help?

  1. The excerpt sounds good now. You cleaned it up nice.

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