Filling the Blank Pages #4 – Type? Pfft! Talk Your Novel to The End

ddVoice Activated Software has been around long enough now that most of the bugs are worked out and it works rather well. Standing around talking your novel is much easier and more fun than stressing your carpel tunnel nerves.

The one I use is Dragon Dictate by Nuance. Here’s how I do it. I get my story outlined (a little or a lot…whatever works for that story). I think about what I want to accomplish in the scene I’m getting ready to do. I close my eyes…and start talking.

The machine types it all for me. Now, there are two schools of thought here, and I’ve been to both schools at various points in time. You can watch the computer screen type the words…and fix the mistakes as you go along (which does tend to slow the flow of your work), or you can ignore the screen, keep your eyes closed and let yourself drop into the story you’re telling. (This will leave you with stuff to fix later because no matter how good the dictation software, it will make a few mistakes…some of which will be hilarious).

The software is getting cheaper all the time. The last one I bought was a couple of years ago. It came with a microphone and the software and ran about $100. Totally worth it in terms of filling the pages (not to mention the break for my wrists).

Let me know how it goes if you try this!


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