Filling the Blank Pages #2 – Pain Shared is Pain Halved

Writing is a lonely business. Generally speaking, one does it alone, and the silence is deafening when the page is blank, hands are poised, and nary an idea is present.

How to fix this? Get some friends to suffer along with you. In the best scenarios, you’ll all suffer less. In the worst, you’ll make each other continue suffering until the pages fill up. Either way, words fill up the pages.

I met some writing buddies on a writer blog years ago, and we still get together for Word Wars whenever we can, usually via Yahoo. We open up a chat room, set a timer, write for a set amount of time, stop, chat a little and commiserate, then do it again. My buddies and I have spent entire weekends doing this. It’s much easier to stay focused for a specific period of time – say 20 minutes – then know that someone who is in pain with you will soon chat you up, and remind you that writing doesn’t have to be so hard.

Next time you’re feeling alone with your blank pages, use one of your lifelines—phone a friend! Get them on their computer and write together. It’s therapeutic and productive!


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