The Read Moore Write Moore Challenge

Hey, Read Moore readers. It’s me, A.C. How are we today? Something that is important to me is being active in what I am passionate about. And not just me; I like to make ways for others to engage in their passions, too. Accountability is a big help in making it possible for myself, and others, to find the drive and energy to create, especially on a time table. That’s why I’m starting the Read Moore Write Moore challenge.

Every November begins NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. For the last four years I’ve been participating, and have completed two years of the contest. It has been a wild ride, and a chance for me to stretch myself toward better and better goals. Not to mention it has vastly aided me in improving my skill as a writer. I believe that by participating in this yearly project, I have become more of who I want to be. And I think it can help you, too.

You may be thinking, what does writing a novel have to do with me? Everything. That’s what. The Read Moore Write Moore challenge is all about growing your own sense of self, discovering who you are, and building new skills along the way. Even if you don’t desire to be an author, this project is a great way for you to improve your typing speed, your creativity, or just give yourself an outlet for your emotions. Writing doesn’t have to be a work of fiction; it can be biographical, poetry, a journal, or anything else you can dream up. Read Moore Write Moore is your chance to prove to yourself you can do something big. Something you may not ever have done before. It’s your chance to say to the world, I can accomplish anything.

Here’s how it works. First, you have to decide what sort of writing project you’d like to undertake. If you want something simple, I suggest a journal. Set up your plan starting today of what sort of content you’d like to cover in your project. The start date for Read Moore Write Moore is November 1st. The goal of Read Moore Write Moore is to write 1,667 words a day for 30 days, ending with a complete manuscript of 50,000 words. As you complete your goal for each day, share to social media using #readmoorewritemoore, so that everyone else who is participating can see your progress and cheer you on. It’s that simple!

To take your Read Moore Write Moore experience to the next level, I suggest you go to and create an account. There, you can track your writing progress all through the month of November. They also have incredible aids and tips for new writers and seasoned ones alike.

This year I’ll be doing a sequel to a book I wrote in 2018: Outworld. While the first book is yet to be published, I am confident that by year’s end I’ll have the first installment of the Outworld Cycle ready for readers around the world, complete with eBook, and audio book options. I’ll keep you all up to date with how my Read Moore Write Moore is going here, and on my social media accounts. Be sure to follow me there if you haven’t already!

This is your chance to shine. There is no limit to what you can do. All human beings are created equal, with unique abilities and talents that can be fostered into rewarding careers and hobbies. No matter what holds you back, I promise you if you participate in this challenge, you will discover strength inside yourself you never knew you had. You will learn more about yourself than ever before. And you will have a 50,000 word manuscript that is all your own, to publish, put away, or show off as you see fit.

Let me know if you’re planning to participate in the Read Moore Write Moore challenge. Send me a message, or just post to social media using #readmoorewritemoore! I’ll be looking for you there, and I’ll be there to cheer you on every step of the way.


Published by AC Moore

My goal is to one day change the world in the same way Shakespeare did: by infusing the thoughts of the human race with such language and turn-of-phrase that they say them daily, and never even know it was I who wrote it.

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