Earth Voice

A Villanelle

Cicada calls astound the pines,
Memorial of autumn night,
Apotheosis by designs.
And air rings through man’s empty mines,
Earth ear from which bats oft take flight,
Cicada calls astound the pines
In twilight umber. View the shrines,
Memorials to sound and sight–
Apotheosis by designs.
And Kami borne among those lines,
Now stand on earth, in awful might!
Cicada calls, astound the pines!
Earth is a God of thoughtful signs,
And every sound a holy rite.
Cicada calls astound the pines,
Apotheosis by designs.


Published by AC Moore

My goal is to one day change the world in the same way Shakespeare did: by infusing the thoughts of the human race with such language and turn-of-phrase that they say them daily, and never even know it was I who wrote it.

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