That’s what I do. I write, and I know things.

From a young age I struggled with learning. It wasn’t until I was 12 years old that anyone realized I had dyslexia, an illness of the mind that alters the way I interepret information. Where others saw only meaningless symbols. After discovering how it all fit together with the aid of good teachers and caring friends, I discovered what had once been a disablity could be a strength. Now, I am a passionate writer and storyteller.


World Building

I run Live Action Role Plays through my company called Kingdoms, where people are able to explore a new world and themselves through immersive theater in the great outdoors.

Creative Workshops

From improv classes to blogging challenges, I create opportunities for people to explore their own creativity, giving them a chance to release their inner child without fear of judgment.


I have published many books, from poetry to science fiction, and plan to publish many more. There are thousands of stories in my head at any given time, and they are dying to get out.

Reasoned Reviews

I love to explore everything there is in this world, from food to video games, nature trails to the cosmos. My blog posts will cover a variety of these topics.


Copywriter at 3 Key Elements


I created new educational programs for the self help company 3 Key Elements, located in Sandy, Utah. I wrote their website, their technical training manuals, and two articles that were published in Forbes Magazine.

Screenwriter at COMV Productions


Creating projects for a variety of clients, we made ads, short stories, and feature films. I worked with a team, often in the lead, making stories that really meant something.

Copywriter at DMR Agency


I created web content and story branding for over 40 companies. Stand 4 Kind, Teton Valley Resort, and My Food Storage just to name a few. We also played some mad ping pong.

Storytelling Maniac

1989 – Present

Wherever I can find a chance to write, I do it. From scraps of paper to massive word documents. I’ve got three books going at any given time, and when I want to procrastinate on one, I do it with the other. It works for me, most of the time!

Let’s make something together.

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