Moira Reid writes erotic and romantic suspense (among other things that take her fancy at any given moment). She loves long walks in the park, the outdoors, and … no wait, that’s somebody else. Moira sits in front of her computer day and night making up stuff. Yeah, that’s Moira. She’s the obsessive-compulsive one that gets an idea one day and is typing furiously the next while housework, bill-paying, cooking, and all other chores go undone around her. She has a husband who brings food to her on occasion and keeps her supplied with coffee hoping that once in a while she’ll take a break for some “research.” He’s been waiting off and on for over fifteen years now—patient fellow.

Moira started out writing a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Her 12-year old daughter often asks why Moira laughs at her own jokes—alone. Her friends say when she commits to laughter, she commits. What any of this has to do with her writing is beyond me, but you’d have to meet her to appreciate why it seems important. Her outlook on life is pretty simple—be nice, smile a lot, give something back. (Especially if you weren’t really supposed to borrow it in the first place.)