The Games I Love

I love video games. When I was eight years old, my family got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. It was a cold morning in North Carolina in our military base housing complex as my siblings and I ran down the stairs to the living room. We opened a number of gifts, until my brother VincentContinue reading “The Games I Love”

Sonnet 5: The Orange

On the path where I walk there is an orangeWhich lay, five long days now, moldered, more fringeOf peel and rind than fruit; acrid, citrusStink filled air, with I it’s only witness. Surprised was I no creature dined the snackBefore rot took it, yet as I looked backAt the human intervention I knewNo thing couldContinue reading “Sonnet 5: The Orange”

What is Human?

Many of the things which we may think are activities only humans participate in are not ours alone. War, animal husbandry, and agriculture are all activities that many species of ants have as staples of their societies. No, the things that are most uniquely human are not strictly for survival in the ways that foodContinue reading “What is Human?”

The Erasure of Women

Earlier, I saw a Twitter post in response to The New York Times attributing the creation of Science Fiction as a genre to the author H.G. Wells. Not to diminish his success in the genre, but that attribution is utterly false, as most would agree, since the preeminent Science Fiction origin novel is Frankenstein, byContinue reading “The Erasure of Women”

True Words

I have been meaning to tell you that there ain’t no meaning. Meaning “no,” ain’t there? That you tell to meaning, “been, have I.” I have been. Meaning: To tell you that there ain’t “no.” Meaning, Meaning, no ain’t there, you tell. To meaning been, have I. I have. Been meaning, too. Tell you, thatContinue reading “True Words”

40 Winks

The sudden jolt of atmospheric entry jarred Adam to consciousness. He’d experienced it a number of times in his life as a xenominer, but from what he could tell no one ever got used to it.  That life was long gone though. Adam looked at his hands; once the hands of an honest miner, nowContinue reading “40 Winks”

The Vicar

A priest, a grocer, and a butcher lived in a shared apartment on Wallace and Third. It wasn’t much, but for the three humble men, it was home. They shared all they had with one another, which also wasn’t much, each man being devoted to the public service of their rural community, giving what theyContinue reading “The Vicar”

Cosmology of Consciousness

Since the times of antiquity, humans have wondered about the world around them. They observe natural phenomena, study the patterns created by them, and attribute meaning to them. Where understanding fell short, metaphor filled in nicely, giving rise to many philosophies the world over. This sense of wonder remains with us in our time, althoughContinue reading “Cosmology of Consciousness”

Look At Your Hands

I have lived on a farm, not just visited. I have trudged through great mountains of pig shit, pled With a damn milk cow as she stood on my foot For four gallons of sweet cream, as white as sand On Ozarks levee.  I have made salt butter and cream cheese, pressed The cloths of thin whey, and drank theContinue reading “Look At Your Hands”

Hymn of the Human Form

The Human form is Nature.As Natural as a bird builds a nestAs a fox digs a denAs a mother knits a blanketAs a father builds a skyriseBeside fellow men, for Human formsWho weave their Natural lives

The Left Hand of Darkness: A Story of Gender Identity

Since its publication in 1969, The Left Hand of Darkness has received both acclaim and criticism. This makes sense, considering that the controversies in the book center around the nature of gender and sex, told from an ardent male viewpoint, hanging heavy with use of masculine pronouns. Despite any monumental achievement in The Left HandContinue reading “The Left Hand of Darkness: A Story of Gender Identity”

Le Guin, Dear Mother

It was Spring, 2001, when I first truly met you.Your maps, rich with names I couldn’t read,A magic that spoke to me, your words so trueThat I could not help but know the power of a name. When I was gifted the magic of words, they were yours.I saw your wizard, his journey and tears,Continue reading “Le Guin, Dear Mother”

Elegy of the Midwest

He who do, does.He who don’t, don’t.Really, simple as that. He who is, was,he who ain’t, ain’t.Why argue ’bout it?Take time with it,the meaning a does.When the doing ain’tdone, it becomes don’t.No matter what it waswhatcha meant by that.Y’all walk along thatdivide, of what itmeant, or why it wasmeant for them who does.Life grows oldContinue reading “Elegy of the Midwest”

Why Do We Have Pets?

Chances are either you or someone you know has a pet. They’re cuddly, warm, comforting, and even utilitarian. But why do we have them? When was it that a person decided, “you know what? I am going to keep this dog?” Was the decision originally purely utilitarian, or was there more at play in theContinue reading “Why Do We Have Pets?”

Heart Sick

It’s a disease. Insidious, eating you from the inside out,That feeling that everything is falling, getting behind,Like a stack of bills ever growing, the stack of wood dwindling for the hungry fire, where no warmth is found, only cold, pulling you in, eating you from the inside out. It’s a disease that preys on yourContinue reading “Heart Sick”

A.C. Moore Sonnet 4: Singularity

The first infinity. Compressed zeros,A point of mass finely pressed in the dark.Between stars and milk spilt in the cosmos,God’s toolbox works gravities endless lark. There it is, beyond that far horizon,The enthroned singularity, hidden.In the shredded matter, quarks and bosons,A force, by which even light is ridden. Hidden. Indeed. We see only partlyVia math,Continue reading “A.C. Moore Sonnet 4: Singularity”

Place of Our Own

A Villanelle I want to buy my wife a home,But they are few and far between;Instead we lie beneath the loam.We bought a car, reflecting chrome,But Uncle Sam came with a lien.I want to buy my wife a homeAway from our nation’s dry bone,Where we can live and find the means—Instead we lie beneath theContinue reading “Place of Our Own”


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