The Guild of The Hunter God, Revised

Revisionary work is a great process for improving your work, as well as discovering your voice and your strengths. Both through reading the works of other students and through submitting my own for review, I gained a greater understanding of how storytelling in fiction can be done in a way that entertains, tantalizes the mind,Continue reading “The Guild of The Hunter God, Revised”

Mr. Cubbage in The Vault

Mr. Arnold Cubbage had worked from the ground up to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh branch. He’d maintained the absolute semblance of the sober mind to do it, and was quite proud of the fact. He didn’t drink, despite the frequent participation in the act by his friends andContinue reading “Mr. Cubbage in The Vault”

Meeting Mr. King

The smell of burnt popcorn hung in the air. The office itself wasn’t the finest in New York already, and now the smell made Joseph feel self-conscious. He wasn’t a young man, not anymore.  That title had left him on his thirtieth birthday, ten years ago. At that time, those who once called him youngContinue reading “Meeting Mr. King”

The Guild of The Hunter-God

Summers were always so hot in Lestmarsh. The air hung about Jesri like a cloud of mosquitos. No wait, those were mosquitos. He swatted at them absentmindedly as he waited for the officiator. It was three hours past noon now, and the officiator was supposed to have arrived at one hour past. The hot sunContinue reading “The Guild of The Hunter-God”

You Had to Be There

It was routine. I got off work on Thursdays, and I went to Barnes & Nobles. I did it every week, often to explore new and different options in the RPG section. My friends always laughed at me, like I should be going to a game store to get the best stuff, but I’d beContinue reading “You Had to Be There”

Missing Home

Home. The word had lost all meaning. He could barely remember his own name, let alone where he was really from. He clutched his bag of peanuts tighter. “I’ll get out of here someday,” He thought. He was the oldest and greatest among those captives around him. When he was first brought here, most ofContinue reading “Missing Home”