Uniquely Human Behaviors: Part Three

Not everything that is unique to the human race is a positive. Alteration of our natural environments may be the first thing that comes to mind with this statement. However, this is not a uniquely human behavior. Granted, no species has had the same effect that humanity has had, with our production of plastics, abundantContinue reading “Uniquely Human Behaviors: Part Three”

Uniquely Human Behaviors: Part Two

I’ve already discussed the unique behaviors of humanity once, with the focus on our use of plants in ways that no other species on earth does. The intentional planting and harvesting of these plants isn’t our claim to fame, as many species of ants also do this. For an action to be uniquely human, inContinue reading “Uniquely Human Behaviors: Part Two”

The Phantom of the Opera: A Story of Surviving Abuse

Coming originally from author Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera is a staple story that many could discuss without having ever read the book or seen the films. It pervades our time with its narrative of love, loss, and suffering. Many may simply view The Phantom of the Opera as a simple love story.Continue reading “The Phantom of the Opera: A Story of Surviving Abuse”

Uniquely Human Behaviors: Part One

Many of the things which we may think are activities only humans participate in are not ours alone. War, animal husbandry, and agriculture are all activities that many species of ants have as staples of their societies. No, the things that are most uniquely human are not strictly for survival in the ways that foodContinue reading “Uniquely Human Behaviors: Part One”

Onesie: Toilet Paper Alternative

Perhaps a more relatable occurance for 2020, in the world of post toilet paper. I bought a bidet recently to counteract the scarcity of toilet sheets, and have actually found it to be an incredible investment. While I can confirm that the pressure these devices can wallop is unnecessary, in the end, they are prettyContinue reading “Onesie: Toilet Paper Alternative”