Deep Cover

Deep Cover
by Moira Reid
Publisher: Loose ID

Undercover extraterrestrial Butch Markham is hanging out until the mother ship comes back. Trouble is while he’s waiting he has to guard the inimitable Claire Simonson. Good thing, too, because after two attempts on her life, it’s abundantly clear this is a serious-ass ET with plans for her–and it ain’t a week in Bermuda.

From Claire’s point of view, Butch is a handsome, hunky, annoying pain in the butt. He knows it, and doesn’t care. He’s taking over her life–no more working, no going out–just him right next to her every minute. Frankly, it’s getting hard to tell which is worse: the possibility that the killer will finally get to her or that Butch will.

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Some spacemen are just plain hot. This extraterrestrial bodyguard is out of this world as he struggles to keep his gorgeous female client out of trouble when she’s hunted by a three-eyed ET. Why the alien wants to kill her is beyond them, yet Butch moves mountains to make sure Claire lives no matter what.

Forced to accept a bodyguard by her commanding father Claire battles to maintain control of her life and her business until she finds herself losing ground in Butch’s presence. He captures more than her attention as she tries to sneak away from him and realizes, nearly too late, that he’s been hired for a perfectly good reason. The attempts on her life leave her clueless as to why anyone would want to kill her, though, until secrets about her past come out of the closet.

Although not the hottest, sexiest bedroom scenes, the story shows heart, soul, and a romance that makes you nearly weep for fear of a seemingly impossible situation. The story is rich in a battle of the sexes and heartwarming relationships. I’d recommend it for those who care more about the story than the intimate scenes. This one gets a 4.5 for excellent writing and plot. –Whipped Cream Reviews


I have read books in the past by Moira Reid, being a fan of hers; I have an idea of how her writing should be. Let me just say she didn’t fail to please me yet again. The suspense was strong throughout the entire book. The author is great at throwing unique twists in there to keep readers guessing. Just when you think you have an idea of what is going to happen, she throws on of those twists your way and leaves you determined to keep reading to find out more. The characters are both strong and unique. They compliment each other only the way romance characters can and should. Most authors have a hard time with writing a story that flows, but Ms. Reid’s story was easy to read, to understand and to keep up with the details. It’s a great story most romantic suspense fans will enjoy. –Rated “You Need To Read” by Tonya at You Gotta Read Reviews


Butch Markham has been stuck on Earth for ten years, punished for a crime he didn’t commit and working for a branch of the United States government. His last assignment is to guard Claire Simonson, the daughter of his former captain. As long as he keeps her safe, he can finally go home to his family on his planet.

The first night Butch is set to watch her, Claire is attacked by a strange man with a third eye. From that moment on, Claire’s life turns into something off of network television. Her father disappears, her mother reappears, and the man she can’t quit thinking about turns out not to be a man at all.

Deep Cover by Moira Reid is one of the most enjoyable stories I’ve read this year, earning 5 tombstones. It’s sexy, funny, entertaining, and above all, believable. That’s a tall order for a book about aliens and secret government agencies.

This is the first time I’ve read anything by Moira Reid, and I feel like I’ve been missing out on something great. She switched from Claire’s perspective to Butch’s with ease, giving the reader a look into the minds of both parties in this reluctant romance without making it sound like a woman was trying to write what she thought a man would say and feel. I felt connected to the characters and was able to follow them on their journey of self-evaluation without having to mentally fill in the gaps.

I’ve never been a big fan of alien stories—Sigourney Weaver made sure that I was scared to death of aliens instead of attracted to them—but I thoroughly enjoyed the world Moira created. Her ability to weave a flawless story from start to finish has made me an instant fan. –Bitten By Books, 5 Tombstones


Claire has had a couple of threats on her life so her father hires Butch Markham to protect her, in essence as her bodyguard with one difference; she is not to know about him.  She doesn’t think the threats are real or need to be taken seriously.  She has some important business meetings she needs to prepare for, which might just save her struggling firm.  But when she narrowly avoids being kidnapped now Butch is no longer in the background.

Butch knows that Claire thinks he is cute and is attracted to him.  He knows that she could be the one for him but he isn’t going to tell her about his past and his time on earth is almost up.  The more time the two of them spend together it might be hard to determine what is worse the fact a killer might finally get to her or will their mutual desires?

I found Deep Cover to be an interesting take on not only the aliens on earth storyline but just how they might be tied into the military.  Deep Cover made me wonder about the possibilities and that for me is a plus.  I loved how Claire was not going to give up her company and job no matter what her father or hired muscle Butch think.  I enjoyed Deep Cover from start to finish though I did think the revelations about her mother could have been handled a little smoother, but that is me and I don’t think it made a huge difference in my opinion of the overall story.  I enjoyed the twists and turns in Deep Cover, as well as the spicy scenes, and think you will also. –Joyfully Reviewed

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