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Seasons, Pleasures, Passion, Fury is a book of poems, a sort of poetic journal kept over a series of months in the year 2012. Each poem is a deep dive into my thoughts and feelings from that year.


The Book of Lore is a collection of fantastical tales from the world of Alteris, a land of dragons, ancient gods, and terrible magical cataclysm. Unravel the mysteries and see where it all fits!

Science Fiction

UNITY is a story of the dangers of isolationist ideals. Two star nations hold a tenous treaty established eons ago, marking them as independent and uniquely different in their behaviors.

Also, Attend a Live Event!

Kingdoms is a live interactive theater event built to bring people together. Each event centers on the expereince of the players, and gives you the chance to be a part of the narrative in a sweeping fantasy epic spanning thousands of years of history in the world of Alteris. Join our next event, and suit up for your chance to be a hero of another world.

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