Paid In Full

Paid in Full
by Moira Reid
Cobblestone Press

When I was younger, men were everywhere, and I sampled them like chocolates in a box. Then, over time, all that were left were the nasty pink-filled ones, and my sweet tooth was far from satisfied. I watched movies; I read romance novels. I knew there were women out there getting it on, and dammit, I wanted to be one of them.

So, I took the plunge into on-line dating. When I met an even more horrific chain of Neanderthals, I demanded elovepro honor their “double-your money back” guarantee. When one of their “secret weapons” showed up with the check, I got more than I bargained for.

Savannah Spencer is desperate to find a good man.  After trying everything she can think of and lucking out, she joined the exclusive Internet dating service elovepro.  Out came the weirdoes.  Fortunately, elovepro has a double-your-money-back guarantee and Savannah definitely wants a refund.  However, before she can get her refund, she has to go on one more date.  Will this be the one?

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Paid in Full was fun to read.  Moira Reid made Savannah’s experiences so real that I found myself laughing out loud at times.  It was delightful. –Joyfully Reviewed


From page one this book had my undivided attention. I’m a fan of books with a hint of humor, so how could I not love an book that involves burned hair and a Flashdance reference in thefirst two paragraphs?

And it just keeps getting better. Told in the first person, the entire book is filled with witty asides from the irrepressible narrator, a woman who has suffered enough in the dating trenches and is determined to find love on her own terms.

Savannah isn’t going to settle for less than she deserves, and I would absolutely agree, especially while reading the hysterical litany of dates she went on when she finally caved in and joined an online dating service.

When Savannah demands that the online dating company she’s joined make good on their ‘satisfaction guaranteed or double your money back’ promise, the owner of elovepro demands one last chance to set her up Mr. Right. The results are sexy, fun and, eventually, satisfying for all.

Moira Reid’s writing is sassy and witty, and she tells a great story with a smart, funny heroine who knows what she wants and isn’t going to let anyone–or anything–get in her way.

Donna’s the romantic gushy one out of the two of us, so when I sigh happily when the heroine gets her man, you know someone did something right. –Moira Rogers, Award-winning best-selling author


“This is a fun novella about a girl who wants to be loved for herself–even if she is reluctant to reveal exactly who that is. The story is fresh and clever. Savannah’s friend Mara and the agency receptionist Penelope are the only supporting characters, deftly described in a minimum of words. Savannah is funny, likable, and wacky. Jack is hunky, confused, and smitten. Author Reid does a great job of dealing with expectations, the truth, and the modern world. This is a cute little gem.” Sphinx Minx, Literary Nymphs, 4 Nymphs

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