Le Guin, Dear Mother

It was Spring, 2001, when I first truly met you.Your maps, rich with names I couldn’t read,A magic that spoke to me, your words so trueThat I could not help but know the power of a name. When I was gifted the magic of words, they were yours.I saw your wizard, his journey and tears,Continue reading “Le Guin, Dear Mother”

Elegy of the Midwest

He who do, does.He who don’t, don’t.Really, simple as that. He who is, was,he who ain’t, ain’t.Why argue ’bout it?Take time with it,the meaning a does.When the doing ain’tdone, it becomes don’t.No matter what it waswhatcha meant by that.Y’all walk along thatdivide, of what itmeant, or why it wasmeant for them who does.Life grows oldContinue reading “Elegy of the Midwest”