A.C. Moore Sonnet 3: To My Love

To me, she’s as the rowan tree;Her eyes as pools ‘neath azure skies—Reflecting all about her be—Her heart, a dart which quickly fliesInto my own, pierced with desire.Askr, Embla could not compete—Glacial melt hails from our hot fire—My soul is with her made replete. As she around me spins the fatesAnd pulls me to herContinue reading “A.C. Moore Sonnet 3: To My Love”

The Narë-Ka-Han

Along the Old Silk Road from Silg to Filenfoe, there is an old brick and timber building called the Tavern Hodlestone. In its heyday, it was a bustling location, with hundreds of merchants and adventurers stopping in day and night to fill their bellies before taking the long and dangerous journey toward the lands inContinue reading “The Narë-Ka-Han”