A.C. Moore Sonnet 4: Singularity

The first infinity. Compressed zeros,A point of mass finely pressed in the dark.Between stars and milk spilt in the cosmos,God’s toolbox works gravities endless lark. There it is, beyond that far horizon,The enthroned singularity, hidden.In the shredded matter, quarks and bosons,A force, by which even light is ridden. Hidden. Indeed. We see only partlyVia math,Continue reading “A.C. Moore Sonnet 4: Singularity”

Stellar Sailors Shanty

A Pantoum by A.C. Moore Out in the black the stars are a burning, Power the heart of our great voyager, Celestial wheels they are a turning, We’re feeding the mouths of each pioneer. Power the heart of our great voyager On heavy metals and radiation. We’re feeding the mouths of each pioneer Adrift inContinue reading “Stellar Sailors Shanty”

A Look at Our Space

By examining our universe, we humans have learned some pretty interesting things. For example, we know that the universe we live in is about 13.8 billion (that’s 13,800,000,000) years old from measuring microwave background radiation in space. To put into perspective this amount of time, we can only trace modern human history back around 12,000Continue reading “A Look at Our Space”