Place of Our Own

A Villanelle I want to buy my wife a home,But they are few and far between;Instead we lie beneath the loam.We bought a car, reflecting chrome,But Uncle Sam came with a lien.I want to buy my wife a homeAway from our nation’s dry bone,Where we can live and find the means—Instead we lie beneath theContinue reading “Place of Our Own”

Earth Voice

A Villanelle Cicada calls astound the pines,Memorial of autumn night,Apotheosis by designs.And air rings through man’s empty mines,Earth ear from which bats oft take flight,Cicada calls astound the pinesIn twilight umber. View the shrines,Memorials to sound and sight–Apotheosis by designs.And Kami borne among those lines,Now stand on earth, in awful might!Cicada calls, astound the pines!EarthContinue reading “Earth Voice”