What is Human?

Many of the things which we may think are activities only humans participate in are not ours alone. War, animal husbandry, and agriculture are all activities that many species of ants have as staples of their societies. No, the things that are most uniquely human are not strictly for survival in the ways that foodContinue reading “What is Human?”

5 Ways to Block Writer’s Block

How do you keep that creative fire burning in the amphitheater we call our skull? When the spark is burning bright, it’s easy to build up whatever it is you’re writing, and do it well. What do we do then, when creativity flees from the mind? That happens frequently in the realm of writing, andContinue reading “5 Ways to Block Writer’s Block”

3 Tips for Screen Writing

It can become an overwhelming task to create a new, invigorating idea. Pressure is on all the time to make the next big thing. What’s more, often director, producers, project managers, and editors tell you “new” isn’t what people want, but the same old story told another way. To be truly creative and still beContinue reading “3 Tips for Screen Writing”