A.C. Moore Sonnet 2: Quantum

What is the smallest thing you ever knew?
A mouse? A splinter, or perhaps a dream?
Or maybe you’ve heard what sits on a pew,
In the temple of math, language supreme?

A defiant cat, Schrodinger’s good pet.
Fundamental parts. Known and unknown.
invisible, until measurement met,
Entangling the clothesline, Hang in There! shown.

Many say the math’s wrong. Even great minds.
Einstein of it said, “God does not play dice.”
Are the particles a game? Where sometimes,
Even the Great Creator seeks for spice?

Cats or games, the dice have proven perfect;
At least, so far as man has sought the work set.


Published by AC Moore

My goal is to one day change the world in the same way Shakespeare did: by infusing the thoughts of the human race with such language and turn-of-phrase that they say them daily, and never even know it was I who wrote it.

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